Be yourself


You have to find out everything by yourself when you are young. Sometimes that can be quite difficult. Especially when you find out that you have a different sexual orientation or gender identity. In that situation it can sometimes be nice if you have the possibility to talk to people that feel the same. That's why we designed and developed a mobile app for Jong&Out; a community for people up to the age of 18. In the app, these young people can easily chat to each others.

Spatial navigation

Given the target audience, we wanted to ensure that you can navigate not only through buttons, but also by simply swiping. That is why we came up with a spatial model around the Wazzup feed, at the centre of the app: a wall on which all members can post messages. From here you can swipe left to view private messages or right to go to the groups. You can always reach your own profile and your friends at the top of your screen. The animations between the screens add up to this spacious feeling.

Whether you are in the train with your phone or on the couch at home with your laptop, you can always continue your conversations. We made Jong&Out accessible through your internet browser in addition to the app for iOS and Android. The two platforms work together seamlessly so you can instantly switch between your app and browser without missing a message.

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