Envisioning a healthy society


From schools to supermarket shelves, it’s hard to make healthy choices when you’re surrounded by unhealthy options. JOGG is an organization dedicated to creating a healthier society, one in which children grow up physically and mentally fit. But how to generate excitement? Traditionally, public health is seen as a dusty, dull topic. What’s more, it’s mired in political complexity. By definition, creating a healthy society requires the participation of everyone in that society.

Make healthy fun

This mammoth task began with a simple insight: it’s hard to visualize a healthy future from our unhealthy present. To make this future tangible, we designed seven colourful dioramas depicting visions of a better tomorrow, each featuring children inspecting a familiar environment: school, home, sports club, and so on. Every object within the dioramas symbolized one of JOGG’s goals, such as building a playground per neighbourhood, within walking distance.

Make healthy normal

As part of its desire to make health fun and tangible, we wanted to normalize the subject. The payoff 'Maak gezond gewoon' (“Make healthy normal”) served multiple purposes: It’s active, functioning as a clarion call for a healthier society; it implies that healthy is not the current norm (though it should be); it simplifies an extremely complex issue; it provides a clear mission for all target groups (the details of which are presented in accompanying communications).

Make collaboration clear

Ensuring a healthy society for our children isn’t an aim you can pursue alone. Inevitably, JOGG’s work involves an elaborate web of partnerships, including both governmental and commercial organisations. Clarifying responsibilities can be confusing for even the most experienced collaborators–which is why we produced a series of illustrations to help smooth the process. These cheerful images provide a map of sorts, showcasing the people making a difference, and allowing everyone to focus on what matters: a better future.

Visit www.jogg.nl
Visit www.jogg.nl
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