Designed for disaster


When a major humanitarian disaster occurs, the 11 collaborating aid organizations join forces in the Netherlands under the name Giro555. During a nationwide campaign they ask the everybody in the Netherlands to give for others in need. Giro555 asked us to develop a new identity suitable for campaigning in times of emergency.

State of emergency in appearance and output

When it has been decided that national action is needed, the clock starts ticking. In no time, a huge set of assets has to be created that are all aligned with each other, so that a national campaign is actually seen throughout the country. In the past years, the Giro555 identity got fragmented and outdated, in need of renewal. To emphasize to the public that every euro that comes in at Giro555 is spent in the right way, we decided to focus on a very pragmatic design. We created a set of building blocks that can be used to make a lot of assets quickly and easily, which always ensure a strong Giro555 appearance.

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